Share the right knowledge with the right people

Long and confusing reports a thing of the past

Interesting knowledge deserves to be presented in an interesting way. That's why you have the choice to decide what colours, fonts, graphs, etc. to use when presenting your findings. You can also import them into another program for further editing, and you can use the special live dashboard feature to track your data while they are being created.


Flexible knowledge sharing

You decide how you would like to present your data. Graphs, colours, fonts, etc. can easily be edited to meet your exact preferences. You can also create benchmarks using just a few clicks and then compare selected results with the rest of your company.


Online and offline knowledge sharing 

Do you need to use your results in a PowerPoint presentation, a PDF document or another format? No problem. You decide whether you want to share the completed reports online or import the raw dataset and continue working on it in another program.


Live dashboard

You can keep track of how your survey is progressing using SurveyXact's live dashboard feature. This allows you to track customer satisfaction on a daily basis, keep up-to-date with response rates for a current survey, or simply preempt the analysis of your new knowledge.


Share the required knowledge – and not everything else

A heavy, 200-page report does not constitute knowledge sharing. Effective knowledge sharing is about presenting the relevant information to the relevant people at the right time. Some people need to know certain things while others need different information – and SurveyXact is the tool that makes that happen.