The right place at the right time

A good survey is a tailor-made survey. You will therefore find that SurveyXact helps you target respondents at the right place and time. Should your respondents be captured via email, letter or smartphone? Do you need to work offline when collecting data? Regardless of what is ideal for your particular survey, SurveyXact adopts the right channels to reach your respondents.


In respondents' pockets

Most respondents walk around with a potential questionnaire in their pockets. At least that's true for SurveyXact, which is optimised for knowledge gathering via smartphones. It's also significantly easier to reach young market segments if you enable them to respond to your survey via the screen they use most.


Offline? No problem.

If you are creating your survey in a location with no or poor internet access, you can work offline without any difficulty. This is an advantage when you want to conduct interviews on the street or at events, for example. We have also found that many hospitals are looking for ways to collect data offline.


Shortcut to knowledge – create your own panel of respondents

Getting "smart in a hurry" may not immediately sound plausible or even desirable, but in this case it is. By creating your own panel of respondents, you can collect relevant information in less time, because the respondents are already ready to respond. You also obtain more background information on your respondents, enabling you to quickly create the particular panel required to give you the information you need.