The quickest route to essential knowledge

It's not only about questionnaires. It's about acquiring relevant knowledge as quickly as possible. And SurveyXact enables you to start gaining wisdom from the very first click. The system is packed with functionality to get you started quickly, and you are given total freedom to design your survey to include the right logos, fonts, etc. And if you have created the survey in another program but would like to use SurveyXact to collect responses, you can simply pull it into SurveyXact and import the data directly. Then you are on your way.


Quick and intuitive

The entire SurveyXact system is built around getting you started as quickly as possible on creating a questionnaire based on tried and tested questions that ensure the most reliable results. Put simply: you need not be an expert in order to create a professional survey, but there's a good chance that you'll become one soon after you start using SurveyXact.


Based on Google's Material Design

The user interface in SurveyXact is based on Google's standards for good, user-friendly web design. As the user, if you are familiar with using IT on a daily basis, this gives you the advantage of finding the user interface in SurveyXact recognisable and easy to work with. So you can spend your time generating questions for your respondents – instead of on getting to know the system.


 It has to look just right

SurveyXact enables you to customise all aspects of your survey to ensure it displays logos, colours and fonts correctly – regardless of what screen the user views your survey on (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). It will all be customised to reflect your specific corporate visual identity.