Data security


Anonymity is a must

Complete anonymity is often a prerequisite for respondents to be willing to participate in your survey – not least when dealing with sensitive information. SurveyXact is your guarantee that respondents' anonymity will be dealt with professionally every time you gather information. All you need to do is choose whether your survey should be anonymous or not  SurveyXact will then take care of the rest.


You decide who should have access to what

SurveyXact users can be divided into different levels. This means you can give specific users limited access to SurveyXact, should your survey contain sensitive information that certain users are not permitted to see, for example. The system also logs all activity, enabling you, at any point in time, to identify who has pulled which information up and when.


Securing security

Optimal security is achieved when it is constantly monitored. We have therefore entered into an agreement with the leading accountancy firm PwC to deliver ongoing monitoring of our data protection system. This gives you their assurance that our security is always assured.


Two-factor authentication – security times two

Two-factor authentication enables you to limit access to your data, such as to specific IP addresses – and thereby establish an extra security measure in addition to the other security procedures that already exist for standard SurveyXact users. The most user-friendly kind of two-factor authentication is a code sent via SMS that simply needs to be entered along with the user's password in order to gain access.