Automated knowledge gathering in SurveyXact

With a little piece of software from SurveyXact, you can automatically transfer information from your CRM or ERP system to SurveyXact's surveys. This means less manual labour and more reliable data, because you avoid having to create new respondents for your surveys manually or to extract the obtained information. By automating knowledge gathering in this way, you can redirect your resources to using the gathered information in order to create value for your organisation instead.

This is how automation works

API stands for Application Programming Interface and REST indicates the "language" used by SurveyXact's API. In short, there is a piece of code capable of creating integration between IT systems so that they automatically exchange information based on your selected criteria. As an example, an event in your pay system could trigger a notification to SurveyXact indicating that a new employee has been set up.

SurveyXact can then ensure that the new employee receives your questions about starting his or her new job after a pre-defined period of time. And when the new employee has responded to the questions, you can even get the responses sent directly to your own system – without you having to do anything.

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