Easy, secure and flexible

It's not just about questionnaire-based surveys. It's about relevant knowledge at the right time. As quickly as possible.

The quickest route between you and the relevant knowledge

It's not just about questionnaire-based surveys. It's about getting to the relevant knowledge at the right time. SurveyXact enables you to grow wiser after just a few clicks, and you have full control over the design of your questionnaire and knowledge gathering process. In short, you are equipped with the tools to create precisely the kind of experience you want your respondents to have.

If you have already created your survey and would like to use SurveyXact, you can simply import it directly into SurveyXact. Then you're on your way... 

Interesting knowledge deserves to be presented in an interesting way

Say goodbye to long, unmanageable reports and hello to prioritized data visualization that enables you to act on your insights. SurveyXact Dashboards makes it easy for you to create diagrams, figures and lists that visualize your survey.

SurveyXact has the logistics under control

A good survey is a tailored survey. That's why you'll find that SurveyXact meets the challenges facing your knowledge gathering – and not the other way around. Do you wish to collect responses via letter or smartphone? Do you need to be able to work offline when collecting data? Does the survey need to be conducted anonymously or addressed to respondents individually? You decide, and let SurveyXact address the challenges.

The most secure choice – for you and your respondents

When you choose SurveyXact, you are selecting Denmark's most secure survey tool, developed to meet Danish standards. We strive to ensure that our solution always meets your expectations – and preferably exceeds them. As an example, we offer free training courses as part of the package, to ensure that you get the most out of SurveyXact. And we answer the phone if you call and are keen to help you with whatever you need – so that you can get on with the job at hand. And if anyone asks you about data security, you can tell them that you are using the most secure survey tool on the market.

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