The customer is always right.


“Is the food to your liking?” In the restaurant business, it can be difficult to measure satisfaction among customers precisely. But the popular Bone’s chain of steakhouses has done something about this. Because here they measure how satisfied patrons are time for time, and make the results visible to staff members via a live dashboard – using one of the many features of SurveyXact.

This gives staff the opportunity to rectify any potential problems immediately. It also allows each restaurant to compare its satisfaction score to that of other restaurants and identify what part of the country currently boasts the most satisfied Bone’s customers.

These wide-ranging capabilities have contributed to creating a best practice culture within the Bone’s chain that makes it second nature for employees to strive to bid farewell to the most satisfied customers possible every single day – yes, every single time in fact.

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If you would like to know more about how Bone’s uses surveys, please contact us on +45 70 26 78 22.