Our customers know this to be true: a simple questionnaire can lead to significant breakthroughs

SurveyXact at work

On this page, we would like to show you some interesting case studies that may give you inspiration for what you can achieve from using the tool. And if you want more, we have spiced up the content with a few of our own articles on the many possibilities afforded by SurveyXact.

Surveys for everything

Users / citizens

Do you need to know what your users think about a service or an experience? With SurveyXact, you can ask them in the exact way required to get the best possible data basis.

Customers / sales

Do you work in sales or in the experience industry? SurveyXact makes it easy to find out what your customers think about your product or service.

Membership organisations

Do you work in an organisation with members? SurveyXact provides valuable knowledge about members, systematises the electoral process and gathers material for membership media.

Journalism / opinion

Are you a journalist or researcher at a media house? SurveyXact systematises your research and makes it easy to find new angles.

Healthcare / research

Do you work in the healthcare sector or conduct research? SurveyXact enables you easily and securely to collect and analyse large amounts of data for research purposes.

Training course and teaching evaluations

Does your job involve evaluating courses or teaching programmes? SurveyXact helps you make effective and automated evaluations.


Are you an adviser or consultant? SurveyXact is a professional, flexible, license-based survey system that you can use for any kind of knowledge gathering.