Intutive and Inviting Surveys - On All Screen Sizes

Introduction to the new layout templates in SurveyXact

New, Intutive and Inviting Features

Our layout templates have been given a face lift.

This means that you have gained access to a number of new layout features that give your respondents an intuitive and easy-to-digest user experience.

With the update you will get:

  • 6 fine-tuned layout templates and a template customized to your organization with your logo, font and color palette
  • 100% responsiveness - mobile first
  • New viewing options
  • Smooth transition from old to new templates

Watch this video and become inspired to create your next survey

Layout Templates

New layout options

Our updated layout templates include:

  • A minimalistic and modern design based on Google Material Design guidelines.
  • List and grid display that provides a user-friendly experience on mobile devices.
  • Paper-like view of questions placed on a background color or image.
  • Adding colors, font, and logo via simple menus.
  • Adding your own background images or images from a library.

Customized standard layout template for you

The new standard template is already adapted to your organization:

  • A layout template customized to your organization's logo, font and basic colors.
  • The template is ready to use and is selected by default when creating new surveys.
  • Logo, color and background can be further customized for the individual survey in the side panel.

6 new layout templates

  • Our six new layout templates have been optimized to meet the increased demands for flexibility and easy navigation.
  • The templates take into account even the most complex questionnaire set ups, ensuring that every survey you create will appear inviting and smooth regardless of screen size, browser and question type.
  • With the updated layout templates, you no longer need to adjust your survey with customed CSS.
  • The remaining layout templates are no longer available.

Migration from Old to New Templates

  • Existing surveys will continue to work unchanged using the templates selected at the time of creation.
  • When creating new or copying already existing surveys, these will automatically adopt the new, revised layout.

Creating New Surveys

When creating a new, empty survey, the following will occur

  • If accessible, the survey will by default apply the new, customer-specific layout template. If this template does not exist, the new standard layout template will be applied

  • Note that it is no longer possible to apply the old standard layout template



When a respondent responds to a survey using a mobile device, grid views are displayed for categories and checkboxes. This offers a better overview without you having to scroll


It is still possible to select a list view for mobile devices in case you prefer this over our new grid view. Find the function in QuickQuest where you edit yourquestion type.


In the desktop version, you can now select label values rather than radio buttons when answering. Find the function in QuickQuest where you edit your question type.