Visual update of graphs in SurveyXact

We previously announced a thorough update of the underlying engine in SurveyXacts analysis module. The purpose of this update has been to form the foundation of knowledge-sharing in the future in SurveyXact. Explained in short, we believe that knowledge-sharing of the future is about presenting the right results, to the right people, at the right time and in the right format. Meaning that reports of several hundred pages where the readers have to search for the relevant results themselves with the risk of "Information Overload", belongs in the past.

Knowledge-sharing of the future is accurate, safe and easy to decode. Simultaneously, it needs to be flexible and easy to work with while the process from data collection to the sharing of results should be as short as possible. And it has to look good. Therefore, it is only logical that knowledge-sharing is increasingly handled in a digital format in the form of interactive dashboards - even in cases concerning more traditional questionnaires. This is the future we work towards when developing analysis- and reporting features in SurveyXact.

Currently, a whole new type of graph called "Top 5 / Bottom 5" is a work in progress in SurveyXact.  This graph provides the possibility of forming a quick overview of which variables scored the highest and the lowest in your survey. As usual, this can be filtered in the web reports so that individual departments can have the same overview of their local responses. We look forward to presenting the new graphs over the following weeks.

However, for now, it is the readability and the overall visual impression that has been improved. All graphs in SurveyXacts analysis module have been given a visual upgrade so that they appear nicer and are even easier to decode.

Example: Average graph for 4 questions with dynamic header and benchmark:

Results for: CEO

Example: The same 4 questions shown in a stack bar chart with average, dynamic header and benchmark:

Results for: CEO

The new graphs are already implemented in SurveyXact so that all reports, created after June 11, 2018, uses the visual upgrades. Should you wish to use the new graphs in older surveys you can simply recreate the graphs and they will be updated with the new look. Reports created before June 11, 2018, will remain unchanged unless you actively alter them in the system.

Best regards from the SurveyXact team.