Three Methods to Boost Your Response Rate

In order to succeed in conducting surveys with representative data, a high response rate is inevitable. Here, we will take you through three methods that can help you increase the response rates within your surveys.

A high response rate enables you to gather information needed to take factual decisions, aiming to create value with your surveys. Below are three scientifically tested methods for distribution that will guide you towards the utilization of your data.


  1. Distribute using e-mail and send a reminder via SMS
    To distribute a survey via e-mail and afterwards send a reminder via SMS is a smart way to boost your response rate. Perhaps your respondents are not ajour with their mailbox, or perhaps they leave the email, choosing to wait until they have the time - but never return. To avoid this, remind your respondents through a SMS on their mobile device.
  1. Choose your own domain
    It is possible to choose to use your organization’s own domain as well as to use your organization as the sender of the distribution mails. For instance, this can look like Often, people do not dare opening links that they are not familiar with as they seek to avoid phishing, i.e. false mails that intend to collect confidential information about you. Using your own domain increases the validity as well as the credibility of the survey, as it creates transparency and security related to you as a sender.
  1. Automatize surveys
    Automatization helps you to reach respondents at the most relevant moments. If a customer, for instance, registers in a CRM-system, SurveyXact is capable of sending an invitation to a questionnaire to the respective customer – automatically. This way, you can gather the customer’s input while it is still fresh and top of mind.