New Video Guides Help You Conduct Surveys

Recently, SurveyXact landed a new addition to the services offered to support usage of our system, namely a number of video guides that we have been working on the past couples of months – and that we continuously will produce in the future.

The videos aim to take users of our system through a step-by-step guide of commonly used features and functionalities, hereunder our QuickQuest designer, data collection, and management of users. All these are areas that are relevant for the gathering of sufficient data, ensuring users to generate useful results through a process that is in alignment with GDPR.


Specifically, current guides come across the following features:

  • Management of users
  • How to navigate in a survey
  • The creation of a questionnaire
  • Background questionnaires
  • Activations in QuickQuest
  • Distribution of surveys
  • Distribution through self-creation links
  • Import of respondents to a survey
  • Anonymization of personal data