New User Management in SurveyXact

As of May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force in member countries of the European Union. Currently, we are working on the final preparations. This entails the implementation of a new system for managing and administrating user access in SurveyXact. One of the fundamentals of GDPR is that personal data will only be accessible to those that it concerns. Therefore, we are introducing a system which allows for a completely specified managing of what the individual SurveyXact user can access.

Existing users in SurveyXact will migrate to the new "User Management" automatically and have continued access to the same parts of the system as usual. However, there may occur examples of users who have not been logged in to the system for a longer period of time and therefore they might not automatically be given the roles they had previously.  

Should you experience that you lack access to a survey that you believe should be accessible to you, your local "User Administrator" can assist you to reestablish access. 

Welcome to User Management of the future in SurveyXact.