New respondent import in SurveyXact

It is with great pleasure, that we introduce this year's first new feature in SurveyXact; Import of respondents have become easier than ever.

In both data collection and analysis related work, the requirements to the knowledge we hold, regarding background information of our respondents, are continuously increasing. This increases what is required of you - and us - as Survey Administrator. Simultaneously, the new distribution features such as SMS and offline data collection make their entry into the "survey World". Altogether, this contributes to the increase in complexity when creating respondents in your surveys. 

Therefore, SurveyXact is introducing a new "respondent import" in order to make it easier to create and process respondents in new surveys. This allows you to spend your time and efforts on finding the right data instead.

All new surveys, created after January 31, in SurveyXact uses this new method.

The user's guide is updated with information about the new "respondent import".

Best regards from the SurveyXact team.