New Management of User Accesses

To meet the recent GDPR-requirements, SurveyXact launched a new way of managing user accessibility on May 18th 2018. Based on positive feedback, we now launch a version 1.1, aiming to enhance the process of granting access to both organizations, surveys, and reports. Thus, this new version allows you to more effectively manage all accesses within your organization – depending on your respective role in SurveyXact.


Organization Access

As an organizational manager wishing to grant access to an organization, you are now able to fulfill the following in one step:

1) Grant access to more than one organization at once – as long they are on the same hierarchical level

2) Grant more than one user access to an organization at a time

  • To do this, simply just type more than one username
  • As you start typing a name, username or an e-mail address, the system will suggest already existing users within your SurveyXact-organization

Survey Access

In correlation to the above, survey administrators and organizational managers can now:

  • Grany user(s) access to several surveys at a time
  • Choose between types of user accesses, allowing you to customize the role of the users in your survey

Also, if you wish to change the survey administrator, you can now do this across surveys – all in one step.

Report Access

After creating a report, you are now able to

  • Grant user access to more than one report at a time
  • Make a published report publicly available

Further questions?

We continuously update our user manual as we implement new features to our system. However, you are always welcome to contact us on +45 70 26 78 22 in case you bump into problems with these recent updates.

We hope that this new version will ease your work!