New GDPR- and Administration Features in SurveyXact

Secure handling of personal data of SurveyXact users is well known amongst our customers. However, the most important focus area in the development of the best DIY survey tool on the market has been to ensure the secure handling of personal data for respondents. With hundreds of customers in both the public as well as the private sector, we are proud to set the standard for ensuring compliance with applicable laws regarding the handling of personal data in our industry. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we now introduce our new GDPR- and administration features in SurveyXact. These features have been developed so that you, as a SurveyXact user, are able to comply with your obligations as data responsible in a simple and efficient way. This concerns the rights and anonymity for the data subject (the respondent) amongst other things.

SurveyXact has been updated with three new features that makes it easier for you to comply with you respondents rights to secure data handling:

  • Anonymization of collected data
  • Search for, and deletion of a specific respondent across all surveys in the organization
  • Total complete deletion of return mails

Anonymization of Collected Data

The feature "Anonymize" is found under the "Data Collection" tab.

This feature provides the option to anonymize data after completion of data collection or analysis. Data is anonymized through deletion of background-, questionnaire- and/or system data from your survey so that it no longer will be possible to connect data to a specific respondent. 

You decide which data that is to be anonymized and which data that is to be permanently deleted. It is also an option to use time filters in order to effect the anonymization of data in a precise manner.  

Search for, and Deletion of a Specific Respondent

It is now possible to isolate a respondents answers in order to change or delete data from one specific respondent in those cases where a respondent should wish to either change or withdraw his/her consent. This activity can be performed in no time across all surveys and with only a few clicks. 

It is required for you to have the role of "Organization Manager" in the organization in order to use this new feature. 

The search- and deletion feature is found on the start page in SurveyXact (The house tab). Click on the icon on the right-hand side of the top "Organization" an select "Find and delete respondents". There, you can search for surveys containing data on the respondent of concern. You can search for the respondent by entering either email address or phone number.

Total Complete Deletion of Return Mails

Since return mails may contain personal data as well, it is necessary to have the option to delete these in order to comply with GDPR. It has always been possible to delete return mails from a survey. This new feature has simply shortened the process of deleting return mails. 

All return mails in a survey can be deleted under "Data Collection" > "Return mails" > "Delete".

Another new addition to the "Return mail" feature is export of return mails to Excel. This does not concern GDPR but will make it easier for users to work with their return mails. Do this by selecting "Export all returned mails" under "Data Collection" > "Return mails" > "Manage".

We contionuously update the user manual but should you need help with the new features you are welcome to contact SurveyXact support:

+45 70 26 78 22