New Enrollment Tool in SurveyXact

It is with great pleasure that we can reveal the new enrollment tool in SurveyXact. The enrollment tool is meant for those who use SurveyXact for one of the following:

  1. Course enrollment or enrollment for other events with a limited number of places.
  2. Population- and market analyses where a representative sample of a specific population is needed.

The above-mentioned user areas are followed by a short description below.

1. Enrollment for Events

For those hosting an event with limited enrollment. As usual, simply create an enrollment schedule in SurveyXact. It is possible to create separate schedules for different events as well as gather different event choices in the same schedule - For example, if the event is held more than once on, different dates. 

A simple course enrollment with three different courses, on different dates, is shown in the example below. By use of the enrollment tool, an enrollment group has been created for each course so that there are places for 20, 10 and 16 participants respectively on the three courses.

The first 20 to enroll in the Introduction Course on March 9 will receive a message to confirm them as participants. If more than 20 people should attempt to enroll, they will be informed that the course is unfortunately already full. It is possible to change the content in these informative messages. If you make no alterations to the content, a standardized message will be shown, informing that the course is full.   

These features can be combined with other notification- and report features in the system so that the entire flow from course enrollment to receipt and participants list, can be managed in SurveyXact.

2. Population- and Market Analyses

The same features, used to manage enrollment for courses and events, can be used to conduct broader surveys where a representative sample of a specific population is needed. The traditional criteria are, for example, equal distribution of women and men, age groups, zip codes or other demographic variables. 

An example might be, to create two simple enrollment groups with 500 women and 500 men in order to attain an equal distribution of genders. In this case, any overrepresentation of one gender can be equalized by sending an informative message to the remaining respondents of the concerning gender explaining that their help is no longer needed - and thank them for their time. 

In cases regarding this type of survey, it often makes sense to use external population panels through SurveyXact. You can still create your survey as usual. After that, employees in SurveyXact can assist you by distributing the survey to a sample of your specific population.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the use of external population panels: +45 70 26 78 22.

Enjoy the new enrollment tool!