New E-book to Guide Your Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty affect not only an organization’s bottom line, its reputation, and its sales. Perhaps more importantly, it is essential to the long-term relation to its customers as well as it strengthens the general perception of an organization, as it enables gaining knowledge about customer experiences, both in terms of existing strengths, but also in terms of opportunities to improve.

With customer satisfaction surveys, you gain valuable insights that can be generated into strategic and operational decisions based on tangible facts. Therefore, we recently launched an e-book that ensures a good starting point for your first – or coming – CSAT survey.

Taking an organizational perspective, the e-book first of all introduces the advantages of conducting professional CSATs. In continuation hereof, it prepares you and your organization for the entire process – from the early considerations regarding purpose and focal point to a concrete guide as to which questions to ask to meet the aspired output with the chosen type of CSAT.

Thus, using the e-book allows you to seek inspiration on how to build up a sufficient survey for the chosen purpose. At SurveyXact we believe that there is no such thing as a generic survey. In order to utilize the system’s capabilities and simultaneously enhance the potential for successful revision of current initiatives, unique solutions are key.