New courses in Q2 2017

We are currently experiencing an increase in demand for our free SurveyXact courses. Therefore, we have chosen to look into the possibility of offering new alternatives to the original courses.  

Over a longer period of time, we have experienced requests for the opportunity to attend a course in the basic SurveyXact features without having to devote an entire day to the purpose. We have been dubious whether the knowledge would be too superficial if we were to introduce our users to the use of the system in a shorter amount of time. 

We tested the concept of intensive half-day courses in March. For the half-day course, we only teach in the core basic features in the system. The testing of this concept has exceeded our expectations so much so that we have chosen to replace the scheduled full-day courses, "Den Gode Undersøgelse" (The Good Survey) in May and June, with half-day courses of a three-hour duration. 

Based on the experiences of the participants, half-day courses have the following advantages:

  • Better learning of the basics because only subjects of relevance to the participants are being taught.
  • Easier to fit into a busy schedule as the course only lasts a few hours.
  • Twice as many opportunities to attend a course resulting in a shorter waiting time. 

The above-mentioned applies to all courses in "The Good Survey" (in Danish) in May and June replaced with the new 3-hour courses from 9 to 12 am or from 1 to 4 pm. Lunch will not be served for half-day courses. 

If you are enrolled in a course in "The Good Survey" in April, this will be held as planned as a full-day course from 10 am to 3.30pm.

The other types of courses will continually be offered as full-day courses. We have added new courses of the types that have the highest demand.

We look forward to seeing you!