Launch of the new Xact front page

We have launched our new front page, and we are incredibly pleased with the result and the possibilities that the renewal brings. And not least, we’re excited to see what you can achieve with it.

Among the new options is an optimized creation flow that simplifies the creation of new surveys. If you want to create a survey, simply click 'Create', and the process of creating a survey starts with content that is customized to you and your needs. When you're ready to save your survey, you will be presented with your most recently visited organization as a suggested location for your new survey, so that you can save your work easily. However, if you want to save your survey elsewhere, you can of course choose another location manually.

In addition, we have focused on simplifying access to your latest surveys, so that they are now visible at the top of the front page. This makes it easy for you to quickly access the preferred survey and start working, just as you can easily switch between surveys on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, you now find a section at the bottom of the front page that lets you explore a wide range of helpful resources that can assist you as you work with surveys. Here you can navigate between expert knowledge, news, relevant products, and more, so you can stay up-to-date with every option and make the most of everything the Xact universe has to offer.

If you are in doubt about the use of the new front page, or if you have other questions, we have made it even easier for you to seek help. In the menu bar,  we have added a 'Help' tab, which, among other things, can lead you to our support.