Interactive web reports in SurveyXact

Conventional ways of sharing results from various knowledge gathering sources are under pressure. While previous standards have involved long reports with a high level of detail, there is now increasing demand for brief and precise knowledge sharing of the most important results. 

This presents a significant dilemma, because when we filter out results in our reports, we risk omitting important details, leading to the potential loss of nuances in our newly gathered knowledge. The solution to this problem is dynamic knowledge sharing, which allows for easy access to detailed information without compromising the overall picture.

We are therefore delighted to now be able to introduce dynamic web reports in SurveyXact. In simple terms, this functionality enables the reader of a published report to add his or her own filters and thus decide which respondents should be included in the results being shown to the reader.



We regularly evaluate our free courses using SurveyXact. In the past, we would generate a combined report including all of our course attendees, and then generate filtered versions for all instructors and course types. Now, we can suffice with a combined report, from which the reader can choose to extract and view only the results pertaining to specific instructors or course types. This provides us with a combined overview of our course evaluation and also allows us to delve into individual instructor's results. 

Click here to try a dynamic web report

Note that the above report is based on an anonymised section of an old version of SurveyXact's course evaluation.


You can read more about the new features in the chapter "Filtering reports" in the user manual.

Enjoy using the new reports!


Warm regards from the SurveyXact team.