Educate Your Employees to Manage Questionnaires

Do you phrase your questions correctly? Do you extract and analyze adequate data? And do you manage to reach the intended respondents? A do-it-yourself system is only valuable if you know how to utilize it. Therefore, you should choose a system that enables concrete and professional teaching in terms of courses.

It can be difficult to become acquainted with a new survey system, and in most cases, it requires bunches of resources. When purchasing such license, one should therefore choose a solution that includes courses and continuous support in the price. Such offer enables you to quickly become acquainted with the system, and likewise to utilize all the functionalities related to creating, distributing and analyzing questionnaires.

Advantages of educating employees
Kasper Dahl, expert in questionnaires and senior consultant in SurveyXact, suggests four reasons as to why qualified education of employees in the conduction of surveys is vital for organizations:

  1. Teach your employees and collect better data
    By educating your employees in survey systems, you are ensured better data. Knowledge about the methods for data collection is highly necessary as the right mix of choices leads to a higher response rate, more qualified answers, and better opportunities for the following analyses.
  1. Our system can be used by many
    A large number of SurveyXact-users are situated in organizations with more than hundred employees. In order to conduct the best possible data, it is useful to draw on the internal competencies. Our courses allow users to spread competencies across the organization so that the production of the questionnaire is carried out in collaboration and across departments. This will increase your results in the long run.
  1. Extend your knowledge about system functionalities
    Most systems enable a broad range of functions – some of which may appear relevant for your purpose. However, we are slightly prone to stick to the functions that we know and are comfortable with and thereby limit the quality and volume of the data gathered. By signing up for one of our courses, you will gain greater insights into the advantages and disadvantages of the different functions as well as learn how to implement them to your project.
  1. Reduce the burden of managers
    By joining our courses, the work load of experienced SurveyXact-users within your organization will be reduced, and fewer resources will be needed. Our courses educate new users to work independently with surveys and thereby ease the work of internal administrators.

Join a course and enhance your knowledge and competencies

At SurveyXact, courses are included in the license. They are moreover customized to fit different levels of experience; SurveyXact facilitates courses for beginners as well as experts.

- It is people with differing job descriptions who participate in our courses, and all participants hold specific needs. Some prefer simple solutions, while others seek advanced functionalities. Our system is accommodated to this, Kasper Dahl states.

80 times a year, SurveyXact offers four different types of courses in respectively Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. An organization can sign two employees up per course. The courses emphasize each their topic and are thus created to fit the differing levels of expertise. It is possible to ask further questions and receive help for specific cases on all four courses.

  • The Good Survey is for new users of the system. It introduces the basic features of the system and enables an easy start.

  • The Good Question is for users who are familiar with the basics of carrying out surveys and who wish to extend their methodological background. Amongst other outcome, this course teaches users how to increase your response rate.

  • The Advanced Data Collection is for users that are familiar with SurveyXact and who wish to become even better. Here, we delve into the system’s advanced functionalities as well as the different types of distribution offered.

  • The Good Report is for users who wish to increase knowledge related to analyses and reporting. Generally, this course teaches users how to utilize the received data and generate sufficient reports.

Read more – or sign up for our SurveyXact courses – here.