New addition to your digital bookshelf: E-book about on-site surveys

Whether or not the precise topic seems relevant to you, take a look at our new e-book, where you can find plenty of inspiration for the preparation of effective surveys.

In this new e-book you can look forward to gaining a bit more insight into the problems that can arise in connection with a canteen survey in a municipality, how these can be resolved – and when they also apply in other contexts.

Overall, the e-book has been prepared on the following basis:

  • The target group is children of school age who attend Middle School and High School
  • The offer of the survey must be given to several schools in the municipality
  • The school's administrators must receive the result digitally via a link

Click on the link here to read our e-book and learn more about how you can collect knowledge digitally and handle it easily and quickly in SurveyXact.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Happy reading!

Best regards,
the SurveyXact team