Distribution of surveys via SMS

It's no secret that some target markets are more difficult to reach than others. Surveys aimed at a younger audience pose a particular challenge, since young people tend to use email less than adults. 

We are therefore delighted to introduce yet another new SurveyXact tool to help capture respondents' attention: distribution of surveys via SMS – directly from the SurveyXact system. 

SMS distribution can replace – or complement – the distribution emails, reminder emails and information emails you use when sending emails in the traditional way. For example, you could distribute your survey via email first and then send a reminder via SMS the second time around.

Unlike emails, we cannot send SMSs free of charge since telecommunications providers charge for them based on usage. SMSs therefore have to be purchased in SurveyXact before they can be used to distribute your survey. You can order SMSs and read more about the terms for using SMS distribution in SurveyXact at www.surveyxact.dk/smsbestilling. (Danish version).

Thereafter, it's simply a matter of switching on the SMS function for your survey and starting to use the new features. The user manual has been updated to include the latest functionality, but should you have any further questions about SMS distribution of surveys in SurveyXact, you are most welcome to call us on +45 70 26 78 22.