Distribution Channels for Public and Financial Organizations

When knowledge intensive institutions such as municipalities, banks, and insurance companies distribute questionnaires, it is highly important that the distribution is safe and credible. This news article provides an overview over distribution channels optimized to meet the security-related requirements for private and public organizations.

Public organizations must continuously conduct surveys in order to ensure the quality of public services. Likewise, financial institutions often need to test customer satisfaction in order to optimize products, services, and consultancy. Whenever these surveys are being conducted, there are high demands for the security of data – and especially for the distribution hereof.

Here, we offer insights into SurveyXact’s most secure distribution channels for public and financial organizations’ distribution to citizens, members, or customers.

Secure and credible distribution using e-Boks

Public institutions, hereunder for instance municipalities, often send digital post to citizens, and therefore it is adequate to distribute surveys using these already existing channels for communication.

- When respondents answer via e-Boks, they are already logged on using NemID. It comforts both the sender and the respondent that the survey is handled via NemID-validation, Ulrik Lange, Manager at SurveyXact, explains.

Distribution via e-Boks makes it easier to reach respondents. Moreover, it offers a secure and credible experience. Therefore, distribution via e-Boks is very often preferred over distribution to private e-mails. This does not only count for public institutions, but also for private organizations with access to e-Boks – hereunder both banks and insurance companies.

If you choose to distribute using e-Boks, you still have all the same advantages and administrative possibilities from SurveyXact, and you will still be able to control the entire process yourself.

Distribution via CVR-numbers

Over time, a number of organizations have requested distribution to other organizations using CVR-numbers. The request has been met and implemented, and it is now possible in SurveyXact.