Data tells stories

Get your stories told in a timely manner.

Do you want to act on time based on data?
A dynamic Dashboard gives you insight - all the time.

But you may be asking what you need a Dashboard for when you are already reporting in SurveyXact.

Reports are static and can often be a challenge for the recipient to decode. Therefore, you will experience a Dashboard as a dynamic analysis tool that provides a comprehensive overview of the most important data. Dashboards are especially useful when considering or comparing multiple datasets at a time. A Dashboard operates in real time and can be easily shared with your stakeholders.

If you are a SurveyXact user, you will find Dashboards under the Presentations tab in your survey.

If you are not yet a SurveyXact user, contact us to hear more and get a demonstration of the possibilities with Dashboards.


The SurveyXact Team