Analyze Answers with SurveyXacts New Top/Bottom Chart

The new top/bottom chart is now available for analyzing answers in SurveyXact. The chart provides the possibility of creating a quick overview of the variables with the highest- and lowest score in your survey. 

You can find the new chart type under "Analyze answers" in the analysis tab:

You have the possibility to adjust the number of shown variables, in the top and bottom of the chart, yourself. This provides a variety of ways in which the chart can be used. The feature can be used to show top and bottom in the same chart or the chart can be sorted on either the highest or lowest scoring variables. 

Example 1: Top/bottom chart with average

Showing only the top-3 and bottom-3 out of 20 variables

Example 2: Top-chart with average

Showing only top-5 out of 20 variables

In cases where you need insight as to why certain variables have a high or a low score, the top/bottom chart can be used to split one variable (example: Product) on another variable (example: City).

Example 3: Top/bottom chart with average split on city

Showing which city has the highest and the lowest score on Product R

We continuously update the user manual so you can learn how to use the new features. Feel free to contact us if you should need help with the use of the top/bottom chart:

+45 7026 7822

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