20 years with SurveyXact

For exactly 20 years, SurveyXact has provided Scandinavians with answers to their questions, insights into their target audiences, and delivered the right knowledge at the right time to and about citizens, users, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

In June 2002, SurveyXact saw the light of day. Born out of Ramboll as an effective tool for gathering and structuring knowledge and creating insight for change.

Today, SurveyXact is the largest in the family - and Scandinavia's leading survey system. Since 2002, we have listened to you - the customers - and given you a number of family additions. SurveyXact is therefore today the engine behind, among other things, professional and user-friendly HR surveys, citizen involvement processes in ⅔ of Danish municipalities and an effective tool for creating change in a large number of companies and organizations throughout Scandinavia. In fact, today a questionnaire-based survey is conducted with SurveyXact every five minutes. And that was - every five minutes…

SurveyXact has grown with and because of you - the customers. We would therefore like to use our 20th anniversary to say thank you to you for joining - some of you even from the very beginning.

We are not done growing, and we hope you will continue to make us better - maybe even for 20 more years.