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From all of us at Xact: A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank you all for being a part of the Xact family in 2022 and for giving a warm welcome to the newest member of our product family – EngageXact.

New exciting uses for SurveyXact

SurveyXact has been expanded to include the new question type, file upload, and this enables several exciting applications.

Launch of the new Xact front page

We have launched our new front page, and we are incredibly pleased with the result and the possibilities that the renewal brings.

20 years with SurveyXact

In June 2002, SurveyXact saw the light of day. Born out of Ramboll as an effective tool for gathering and structuring knowledge and creating insight for change.

E-book about on-site surveys

How satisfied are you with the canteen at your school? Take a look at our new e-book, where you can find plenty of inspiration for the preparation of effective surveys.

Security update: Your data is safe with us

On the basis of the war in Ukraine, we want to stress that all our servers are located in Denmark and as such reassure our clients that their data is safe with us.

Many possibilities with the new file-upload option.

SurveyXact has been upgraded to include a new and useful type of question that makes it possible to upload files as a part of the completion.

PeopleXact case: Nordic Houseware Group

At PeopleXact we are proud to present a very interesting case from one of our customers

New e-book on automated SurveyXact surveys

Let SurveyXact do the work for you.

Videoguides in English

Videoguides are now available to our English speaking users.

Data tells stories

Do you want to act on time based on data? A dynamic Dashboard gives you insight - all the time.

Present your results dynamically and visually with SurveyXact dashboards

With SurveyXact dashboards, you can present the results of SurveyXact surveys in real time to your stakeholders.

A new look to SurveyXact

SurveyXact’s interface has been updated.

Now you can also present your data via Dashboards

We have launched a new Dashboard in SurveyXact which enable intuitive and visual communication of data optimally to all possible target groups.

Three Methods

Here, we will take you through three methods that can help you increase the response rates within your surveys

New layout templates

New standard layout template that aims to make it easy to create intuitive and inviting metrics.

Educate your employees

A do-it-yourself system is only valuable if you know how to utilize it. Prioritize our free courses.

Secure distribution with SurveyXact

When public or financial organizations submit surveys, it is important that distribution is secure and credible

Checklist: Before Distributing Your Survey

In order to succeed in conducting surveys with representative data, high response rates are key. This demands a range of strategic considerations related to the distribution.

Choose a System that Favors User Experience

It is important to choose solutions that are intuitive and easy to navigate – also in terms of survey systems.

New Video Guides Help You Conduct Surveys

Recently, SurveyXact landed a new addition to the services offered to support usage of our system, namely a number of video guides

New E-book on Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Enhance the potential for successful revision of current initiatives with this e-book on customer satisfaction surveys

New Management of User Accesses

This new version allows you to more effectively manage all accesses within your organization by enabling you to grant access to more than one organization or survey at a time.

New GDPR- and Administration Features

SurveyXact makes it easier for you to ensure a secure handling of respondents personal data that is in compliance with GDPR.

Analyze Answers with the New Top/Bottom Chart

The new top/bottom chart is now available for analyzing answers in SurveyXact.

Visual update of graphs in SurveyXact

Update of the underlying engine in SurveyXacts analysis module.

New User Management in SurveyXact

As a final preparation for GDPR, SurveyXact implements a new system for handling user access.

New Enrollment Tool in SurveyXact

Good news for those creating course enrollments, enrollment for events as well as population- and market analyses in SurveyXact.

New analysis features in SurveyXact

Split of data based on open vaiables. average and number of responses in the same graph

New respondent import in SurveyXact

It is with great pleasure, that we introduce this year's first new feature in SurveyXact; Import of respondents have become easier than ever.

Distribution of surveys via SMS

It's no secret that some target markets are more difficult to reach than others. Surveys aimed at a younger audience pose a particular challenge.

Interactive web reports in SurveyXact

Conventional ways of sharing results from various knowledge gathering sources are under pressure...

Different schedules in the same survey

We are delighted to reveal our latest new feature in SurveyXact: multiple schedules in the same survey.

Training Courses in SurveyXact (in Danish)

SurveyXact offers the following training courses:

The Good Survey

A course that introduces the user to the basic features of the system and how to create surveys in "QuickQuest".

The Advanced Data Collection

The course will teach you how to use advanced editing in "QuickQuestplus" as well as advanced editing of layouts. When you have completed the course, you will also have more advanced skills in different ways of handling distribution and data collection.

The Good Report

The course that teaches you how to analyse data and create useful reports. Furthermore, you will obtain the ability to use the basic analysis features as well as making advanced adjustments in the analysis. The purpose is to learn how to best present your results in a report.

The Good Question

A course is a training in the planning of your survey and analysis. This includes the development of the questionnaire, design and structure, asking the right questions and using the correct question category as well as testing and adjusting accordingly. 

Please note that courses are only offered in Danish and that it is adviced that you have attended the course "The Good Survey" in advance of the courses "The Advanced Data Collection" or "The Good Report". For information on courses in Norwegian or Swedish, please visit your local website.

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