Do you know someone who's knowledgeable? Then they probably know us.

Fact: More than 100,000 SurveyXact surveys were conducted last year. That's a new survey every five minutes.

The leading survey tool in Scandinavia

SurveyXact is the leading survey tool on the market – if we do say so ourselves. Not that we have to say it.

We hope it speaks for itself that two-thirds of Danish municipalities, most of the country's educational institutions, a large proportion of Danish enterprises, and many other organisations prefer SurveyXact. In other words, SurveyXact is tailored to the needs of the Danish market.

In addition, SurveyXact is part of Rambøll. This places high demands on our integrity, security, stability and experience. We really do believe that you can see this when you choose us as your partner in knowledge gathering and sharing.

We look forward to hearing from you.